View of Tiger's Nest from the Valley - the climb is 910 Meters to the top.Henny, Owen and Wendy getting ready for the hike.More of the group getting ready to hike up to Tiger's Nest.Brian, Wendy and Owen as they leave for the mornings hike to Tigers Nest.Konrad getting ready to leave. That white dot above his head is Tigers Nest and our destination.Another view of Tiger's Nest.This little one was exhausted with the hike. Many of the locals hike up to with offerings & blesingsView of Tigers Nest from the higher trail. Thanks Konrad Wee for the photo.Another view of Tigers Nest.You can see from this shot and the next how its on the side of a cliff.Another view.A shot from the trail.Another shot from the trail.More views of Tigers Nest, thanks Yang Jiao for the image.Looking down into the valley.More from the trail.These young folk were picking up garbage on the trail.A view from the base.These bags are full of empty water bottles picked up on the trail.Wendy and Brian make it back down to the valley.