Guess what grows in Bhutan all over the place & is considered an annoying weed. Marijuana!You can see it in the bottom left of this photos at the side of the road.A view of the rice fields as we headed up the mountain to start our hike.Some of our photographers checking out the birds eye view.More rice fields.These little stupas are called TaTa's pleased here by the locals.Ken photographing the TaTa's.Another high view.Frank taking a couple of shots.Visiting a shrine along the mountain roads way.Our driver, and an amazing job on the mountain passes.The fast flowing river. Hydro electric is Bhutan's #1 export.And our hike to the mountain top monastery begins.Many animals run free in Bhutan, horses, dogs and cattle to name the main ones you will see.A colt by some prayer flags.Horse on our pathway.Monks returning from the top.Not much further!Morning dew.And the climb continues.