Last view of the Mountains from the Tibet side as we head to the airport this morning.Another view early this morning of the Tibet mountains.If you look closely on the left side of the mountain you will see many colourful prayer flags.Getting ready for our flight back to Kathmandu this morning.Mount Everest on the left in this photo.Another shot of Mount Everest today.A close-up of Mount Everest. Thank you Michelle Rondeau for use of your camera to take these shotsArriving in Kathmandu, Michelle is in the turquoise shirt coming down the steps.After checking into our hotel we set out to explore Lalitpur City.Lalitpur City is full of colourful shops and smiling people.Street vendor.More pics as we walked up the street.Today we visited the Living Goddess of Lalitpur City. We were granted an audience for a blessing.This is the name of the current living Goddess of Lalitpur City.This is the living Goddess of Lalitpur City Ratnakar Mahavihar.Elderly lady watching from across the street.Ready to ride.Bread for sale.Two gentleman watching the world go by.Colourful balloons as we enter Patan Durbar Square.