The phallic symbol in Tibet is a sign of strength, power, defence against evil.More phallus for sale, this village even has a fertility temple.A curious cow as we set out to hike around the village today.Our hike took us through layers and layers of rice fields.Gweneth picked up a few friends along the way.Rice ready for harvest.More rice fields.This water driven prayer wheel was in the middle of one of the rice fields.This lady was frying rice this morning.Ladies chatting in the village square.Another shop featuring more phallus symbols.Older gentleman walking the streets this morning.Prayer flags, and rice field.sYoung monk at the fertility monastery this morning.Getting some help.Young monk tiding up the grass by the sidewalk.Another young monk hard at work.Curious monks coming round the corner.Another young monk.Men of Bhutan still wear traditional cloths.