Large Buddha from across the valley.Children making flower crowns.Close-up of little girl.Another monastery.Playing in the street.Karen and Gweneth giving the children items with Canada on them.Wendy and Brian.Many street dogs in Bhutan.Stupas at the mountain pass, this is at 3,100 meters before going in to the next valley.Colour in the fog at the mountain pass.Our driver Pala, guide Yasher and James.Foggy drive this morning, unfortunately to foggy to see the mountain range.Two girls at a roadside fruit and vegi stand.A view from the mountains as we traveled into the valley.More rice fields and beautiful homes in the valley below.Same home and look high to the left at the monastery in the hills.A close-up of the same monastery. Clouds moving in.And closer.More children at a roadside stand. Always smiling.Group photo as we traveled todays. Look on the row below we changed this into a camera stand.