Jane and her friend Johnny.Hike up to Sun Temple.Ondontoglossum Orchid as we travelled along the trail. Thanks Ray Collins names of the orchids.Machu Picchu view from Sun Temple.Panoramic stitched from 9 shots.Every time you moved another great view of the ruins.Busy photographers, thanks Wes Smith for the photo.Another panoramic, this was stitched together from 10 images.Wow a dedicated photographer.Ray ...Elaine and Wes ...Louise ...Jenny and Dan ...Claude ...Godfrey ...Looking up at Wyapicchu, chick out the people right at the top.One shady tree.A view of the village. The steps in the foreground is how we got down from the sun temple.Long steps another view going down, are your knees sore yet?Lama Lama selfie.