Horned Bill just outside the lounge area of our lodge today.Magpie catching the afternoon sun.Up close to a wart hog that was eating at the side of the trail.Male ostrich feeding in the long grass.Notice the pink neck and thighs, this means they are coming into heat and are ready to breed.Looks like he is mooning us.Another shot of the horned billed.Landscape plus elephants.The park scenery offers such a great backdrop.More elephants than you can images this evening.Eating from a tree brush.Hans, Benny, Parminder and Jancie, what have you found.This lioness was high up on a tree branch enjoying the cool breeze.Very strange to see a lion in a tree.One more shot.A dark male giraffe walked by as we were looking at the lion in the tree.Claude and Konrad pulling in to check out the lion.Down by the water the elephants are getting ready to play. This stork is watching.A fish eagle down by the water this evening too.Look at the amount of mud stirred up by waters edge.