Augur Buzzard checking out the morning life in the crater.Osterich taking a morning walk.Telling us off!A Hoopoe searching for breakfast.Wildebeest on the move, these guys don't leave the crater.Golden Jackal coming close to a zebra.Bustard keeping an watchful eye.Just a lioness paw!Black mailed male lions enjoying the morning sun.Might as well go back to sleep!Vervet monkey feed on a thorn bush.They were so close you could reach out and touch them, another Vervet monkey.Ready for my close up.Keeping a watchful eye.Elephant on the crater floor.Another golden jackal.Pink flamingos.Pumba running for his life or is he. He probably forgot.Storks by the hippo pond.A view of the hippo pond and the rim of the crater as the backdrop.