Firing up for our early morning hot air ballon ride.Starting to inflate the balloons, 14 or 15 took off this am.Checking in before the ride.One of the assistants preparing the ballon.Plenty of work to get the balloon inflated.Ok ready for the flame.Starting to fill the balloon with hot air.Passengers in position. You load laying down. Nice and tight, hold on!What you saw when you looked up.Ok filled and ready to go.Our pilot Yooshi.A little more and we will lift off.Great under the morning sky.Almost there.Here we go.A group shot from the air. Thanks to a go pro camera mounted on the thither wire.Our launch from the ground.We climbed to 7,000 feet then descended back down to 150 feet to sail across the tree tops.Some more images from the ground as we came in for a very smooth landing.Another from the ground.