Transferring to our domestic flight Addis, Abba to Nairobi.Champagne welcome, Kenya style.Cheers Danny.The group toasting our arrival.Janice and Arlene learning from a Masai a traditional dance.At the David Sheldrake elephant orphanageA 6 month old baby elephant rushing in for food.Each elephant gets two bottles of special formula twice a day.Two one month old babies rushing in. The blankets keep the babies warm.Friendship.This elephant had is trunk caught in a snare. Learning to drink with it's mouth as trunk heals.Another anxious baby.Some of the school children that attended the feeding.A wart hot wondering in to find food. The orphanage is on the edge of Nairobi National Park.One of the 2 year old babies feeding. They are released back into the wild between age 3 and 5.Heading back to their pens.Stopping for a drink.Good bye. This was an amazing experience.Painting on the wall of the reserve at the David Sheldrake elephant orphanage.The handlers sleep with the babies, see the bunk above the elephants pen.