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Map of the areas we visited today.Beit Shean was settled as early as the Chalcolithic era (about 6000 years ago) and has remained continually inhabited since then.Beit Shean Roman Baths.Entrance to the market, Beit Shean.Overview from the roman baths to the central market.Beit Shean Markets.Beit Shean was hit by an earthquake around 749.Beit Shean small homes.Beit Shean more pillars down by earthquake.Beit Shean the temple.Beit SheanBeit Shean, they say the hill still contains more of the city to be be dug out.Beit Shean more homes.Beit Shean the view from the theatre.Entering the theatre.Inside the theatreA 21 image pano of the theatre.Jericho located on the West Bank.Jericho dig looking for the great walls.Temptation monastery.