Vulture looking down on usMongoose trying to stay cool.Interesting pose!We came across mom and three cubs. Male sleeping in the rock ledge.We stayed in this area for almost 2 hours and the male hardly moved.Watching his brother and sister.Where's mom going.Mom heading away from the cubs.The female cub takes note of mom leaving and follows.Female cub following. The cubs are approximately 12 months old.Mom heading up into the hills possible on the hunt.The female cub looks back at her two brothers who are fast asleep.The female cub follows her mom.The young males still asleep.Cameras at the ready if he moves.A few interesting poses.Ok now he's curious as to what his brother is up to.This was the only look at the other male cub.As you can see he's not interested in moving to far either.A jackel stops to check us out as we leave the park.