May 4th first visit to Ranthambore, 10 minutes in the park and we find this sleeping male.Then a few minutes later this female appears out of the forest.The male now takes note and sits up and watches.She was heading to the watering hole close by. She was also keeping an eye on the male tiger.A great way to cool down in the afternoon heat.The young female kept watch too.Time for a drink.She was evening keeping an eye on us.Cool enough and not bothered by the male, back to the forest.Notice her mouth open sensing her surroundings.Now for some shade.Now the small creatures come back to the watering hole. A tiny chipmunk.Later in the afternoon we went in search of the email and found her resting in the shade.Our last view of the female as the skies opened and we had a 15 minute down pour.May 4th evening screening of Muchli filmed and directed by Nalla Muthu.Afterwards Nalla met with some young folks that joined us for the screening.James, Nalla and Dinesh. Dinesh has contributed images to Nalla's films.Jenny, James, Julie, Mike and Sheena with Nalla.Another shot with Julie, Nalla and Jenny.Mike, Sheena and Nalla.