5:30 a.m. Sunrise Sariska National Park entrance.Our first sighting of T9 known as Pony Tail.She moves closer towards us.A great opportunity to see her up close. She's headed to a water hole to cool off.She by passes us and walks on a bush path.The bush path crosses past us too.It's only 6 am and already 35C so this looks like a good idea to cool off.Into the pool to cool off.It was interesting she stopped and backed into water.That's better.She stayed with us for about 40 minutes.Susan, Sandy and Julie taking a few shots.Stretching out.Facial shot.Claude and Margit hard at work.That's one large paw.Another facial shot. It was so great to spend time and watch her.Not sure if she was doing this for the camera or not.Time to shake off.Do her nails.