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Some ruins and the intact wall of Fatehpur Sikri FortFour on a motorcycle isn’t that rare in India!Drive in market purchaseThree Owlets great us as we make our way into Keoladeo National ParkVal and Don are in sync making images“Spotter” Ashley scans for interesting birdsGreat White Pelicans line up in viewing formationEgret perched against the morning lightommon India Kingfisher high up in a treeBee covered in pollen in a Morning Glory flowerEgret takes flight in the morning light.ose- Ringed Parakeet surrounded by pink flowersizard basking in the morning sunColourful moth in the sunRed-veined Dragon fly macrowo Gray-headed Swamphens feed in green marshThe Jewel Box or the Baby TajRelection of The Jewel Box or the Baby TajLight enters and cast shadows on the inlaid marble floor of The Jewel Box or the Baby TajThe Jewel Box or the Baby Taj