Map showing our overnight sailing from Baltra to Santa Cruz.Captain Omar salutes as the group shoves off to explore the volcanic island of Baltra.Arriving on Bartolomé.Start of our hike to the top of Bartolomé.This is a early developing island which allows us to see how things come to life after eruptions.A beautiful sunrise this is just after 6:30 am. Perfect time for the hike.Another view as we continue the hike over boardwalk and steps.It is a gradual climb and the cooler morning air makes a difference.Interesting patterns in the rocks.View of some of the smaller cones as we climb.View from the top, Pinnacle Rock from Bartolomé.Omar and James stopping for a pic. Always great to work with you Omar.Angela stoping for a pic.Gerry, Angela, Pia, Nancy & Phyllis, all members from London Camera Club that traveled with us.Another view of Pinnacle Rock.Hamilton one of the ships crew, Pia and Wilma.Jane and Linda.Omar ready for more snorkelling.This group is heading out for a shoreline photo shoot.This group is heading out for snorkelling.