Zenfolio | EVENT PHOTOS BY Photo Tour Trekkers | Costa Rica 2018 Day 1

Visit to Doka Coffee Plantation near San JoseCoffee bean processing this is a water driven plant, family business 125 years.This machine separates the outer shell from the coffee bean.After drying the beans are left to sit for 36 days.Inside the storage warehouse each back contains 100 kg of beans.Waiting to be shipped to coffee roasting plants.Coffee bean after drying.The beans are still rolled out and dried outside in the warm mountain sunlight.Albert checking out the different grades of beans.While at the plantation we came across a Pigmy Owl.Another shot of the owl.Pigmy Owl.Plenty of bananas growing at the plantation too.Mountain rainforest humming bird.Violet Saberwing humming bird.We had a light shower after lunch and this guy was waiting out the rain under tree cover.Slight shower, it did not last long and then back to sunshine.Violet Saberwing humming birds feet.Close-up ...At the feeder.