The Egg - Beijing Performing Arts Centre.Every angle offers of reflections.Gweneth taking a photo of Ruth at the Theatre.ReflectionsYou can see why they call it the egg!These tunnels are located underneath all the major streets for easy and safe pedestrian crossing.The gates of the Forbidden City from Tia'namin Square.The fountains dance to music.Another view.Administration buildings just off the square.Changing of the guards, near Chairman Mauh's tomb.Claude having some fun with the locals.Main gates to the Forbidden City.Portrait, larger than life.Looking back to the square from inside the gates of the Forbidden City.Rob and Collin.Gail and Larry, Forbidden City.Inner gates the Forbidden City.Plenty of colour.Inner moat ... there is 15 layers of brick on brick on the streets to prevent enemy tunnelling.Pia giving little girl a Canadian Flag pin.